Building a Community | ROCKiTspace in Seattle

May 23, 2010

Human self-expression and communication through art can be dated back to 32,000 years ago with the earliest of cave paintings. ROCKiTspace is a non-profit organization dedicated to making music and art available to its Beacon Hill, Seattle community.

In this three-part video interview Jessie McKenna discusses their vision of becoming a community hub and services, which range from a full music practice music and art studio to hypnotherapy workshops. She also discusses how they built their online community using Ning. Much of their equipment was donated by community members, such as a Rhodes keyboard from Day Moon Press across the street.

***ROCKiTspace is also sponsoring a Beacon Rocks! live music summer concert series next to the new (beautiful) Beacon Hill Light Rail Station.

What is ROCKiTspace?

Building an Online Community with Ning

Tour of ROCKiTspace

gLearning * Guitar Learning in your hand(s)

December 11, 2008

Want to learn to play the guitar on your phone? SplashPlay, available via the Android Market, allows you to download songs, add chords and share with others through the SplashPlay website.

With a very slick interface, this type of application makes learning a fun, flexible and a rewarding experience. I certainly could have used this type of performance support tool when I use to play bass in a band and totally forget my part!


SplashPlay , Keith Sturch, Andreas Ipp, Friedger Müffke and Ronan Schwarz

Learn to play the guitar on your phone. Download your favourite songs, add chords and share with others through the SplashPlay website. With optionally available hardware, chords appear also on the real instrument.

New School eLearning * SEO Rapper

August 13, 2008

eLearning is a term that is applied to a wide range of content delivery. Some are page turner “click here to continue” modules, some are interactive simulations and others are well crafted rap songs, such as “Design Coding” performed by rapper Poetic Prophet, aka SEO Rapper, which can be found on the YouTube channel m0serious TV, in the How to Style category.

But can Robert Mager dance to it…

With a running total of 324,979 views, the Design Coding video is an example of a new school of eLearning design, which thinks outside of the box and takes the “B” out of boring and it turns it into “beat”, as in 4/4 time signature.  The content is well scripted and covers the basics of web design in 3 minutes, 22 seconds, all executed in a body movin’ tune that your younger sister and even your grandfather can dance (or code) to. When is the last time you had a web design course in less than five minutes that you can rock out to with your iPod?

Other SEO rapper videos (songs) include Link Building 101 and Social Media Addiction. Here is an excerpt and embedded video of Design Coding:

Call to action to increase the temptation
use appealing graphics they create motivation
if you have animation
use with moderation

…describe your doctype so the browser can relate
make sure you do it great or it won’t validate
check in all browsers, I do it directly
gotta make sure that it renders correctly
some use IE, some others use Flock
some use AOL, I use Firefox

Shine On You Crazy iPhone * iPhone Band

February 26, 2008

This iPhone band video brings electronica to a whole new level, which should make Brian Eno proud. Touch screen + mobile devices are obvious creative extensions for learning, art and music.

Just as the synthesizer did not push “real” instruments out of the picture, “iBand” instruments will find their place and compliment the scene, whether performing on stage. or mixing in an airport. Of course, I am sure neo-Kraftwerk artists like Danger and Daft Punk will have fun with the novelty for a little while.

eJamming: Skype for Musicians

February 11, 2008

This is an amazing way to musically connect with people, with so many applications for education and entertainment. I just signed up, and am ready to play…I mean try out.

eJamming makes software that enables people to practice music together 1000 miles apart. The idea is to let musicians practice together even when they can’t get together physically, or to let students and teachers work together remotely.

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70 Best Ideas of 2007 * New York Times

December 10, 2007

Here are a few (social web) highlights from NY Times Best Ideas of 2007.

MOB JURISPRUDENCE – New Zealand Police uses a wiki.

When the New Zealand police force said they were open to suggestions about how to rewrite national policing laws, they meant it. In September, they posted the 1958 Police Act online and invited Kiwis and non-Kiwis alike to visit the site and type in their own revisions to the law — extending the concept of “Wiki”-style collaborative writing from encyclopedias to democracy.

“The idea was to take something that’s inherently dry and intellectual” like law reform, explains Superintendent Hamish McCardle, who is in charge of the review, “and transfer it to something that’s cool and innovative” — like Web 2.0.

By making the Wiki open to anyone who cared to participate, the police force hoped to make it easy for international law and policing experts to weigh in, as well as those one million or so New Zealand citizens living abroad.

…despite the novelty of the Wiki process, …plenty of old-fashioned checks and balances are in place. The Wiki follows a traditional review process and will culminate in a document that will advise, rather than mandate, Parliament in its decisions regarding the Police Act.

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Who Needs a Record Label…Trent Reznor & Saul Williams

November 2, 2007

This is very cool to see. Radiohead throws in an experimental DRM and record label free delivery and artists like Trent Reznor & Saul Williams are building on this game changing concept, which will ripple and eventually cause waves in the music industry. How / will record labels become SMART and adapt their business paradigm? This applies to all industries, OPEN up or CLOSE down.

The time has come! Pre-order emails for Saul Williams’ THE INEVITABLE RISE AND LIBERATION OF NIGGYTARDUST, produced by Trent Reznor, have been distributed. The album is available for free at 192kbps bitrate or 320kps/lossless if you put forward some cash. Please support this artist and label/DRM-free distribution!

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