eJamming: Skype for Musicians

February 11, 2008

This is an amazing way to musically¬†connect with¬†people, with so many applications for education and entertainment. I just signed up, and am ready to play…I mean try out.

eJamming makes software that enables people to practice music together 1000 miles apart. The idea is to let musicians practice together even when they can’t get together physically, or to let students and teachers work together remotely.

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The New Velvet Underground * The Danielson Famile

August 14, 2007

Where do I begin…when a friend of mine first spun a Danielson record, Alpha, for me back in 1998, I was taken in the first two seconds of hearing the mixture of xylophone, drums, acoustic guitar, synth keys and falsetto voice with layered backing vocals. It was bizarre and somewhat dissonant. A few friends in the room found it offensive. I thought it was perfect. It was DIY art, folk, punk and catchy in a Frank Black (Pixies) meets the Mamas and the Papas kind of way.

from rolling stoneDaniel Smith originally started writing and recording songs with his brothers, sisters and friend for a senior thesis at Rutgers University, which has evolved to include international tours, a video documentary, seven full length albums, a handful of singles and his own line of clogs.

Why I love the Danielson Famile

The Danielson Famile combines well thought out visual art with conceptual music and they put onfrom austin chron stellar shows. I was lucky enough to catch them in DC and NYC.

Their live shows have been known to include two synchronous drummers, kid instruments, banjos, thumping synth organ, crazy-strummed guitar (as if Daniel is possessed), matching nurse uniforms with their names stitched on, wizard costumes and a nine-foot tall fruit tree. They have also been joined on stage with alumni art rockers Jad Fair and Sufjan Stevens, who use to be their tour mate.

Check out their video for “Did I Step On Your Trumpet”, which was done all in one take, high school play style. In a world full of quick cut editing, they take a “less is more” approach, step back and let you enjoy a well planned and executed performance. Thank you Danielson Famile for keeping the art alive! My challenge to you is to cover Pink Floyd’s album The Wall.

Bangin’ like a 909 *HammerHead Rhythm Station

May 17, 2007

Do you dig beats? Thumbs up for the HammerHead Rhythm Station.

It is one of the easiest ways to generate click track solutions and is totally the best way to kill an evening or afternoon…download HammerHead Rhythm Station 909-like drum machine and do your thing.


With “six separate channels, 29 built-in drum sounds, six complete breakbeats and the possibility to import six samples of your own” it is extremely user friendly and it exports CD-quality wave files.


waveIf you are feeling saucy and have Adobe Audition, or another sound studio, I highly recommend importing wave files, creating loops and experimenting with additional effects like reverb or chorus. I like Adobe Audition because it has excellent built in filters to give your beats a rich and thick sound (i.e. Large Occupied Room, Medium Auditorium).