Building a Community | ROCKiTspace in Seattle

May 23, 2010

Human self-expression and communication through art can be dated back to 32,000 years ago with the earliest of cave paintings. ROCKiTspace is a non-profit organization dedicated to making music and art available to its Beacon Hill, Seattle community.

In this three-part video interview Jessie McKenna discusses their vision of becoming a community hub and services, which range from a full music practice music and art studio to hypnotherapy workshops. She also discusses how they built their online community using Ning. Much of their equipment was donated by community members, such as a Rhodes keyboard from Day Moon Press across the street.

***ROCKiTspace is also sponsoring a Beacon Rocks! live music summer concert series next to the new (beautiful) Beacon Hill Light Rail Station.

What is ROCKiTspace?

Building an Online Community with Ning

Tour of ROCKiTspace

Twisted Media *

March 7, 2008

I found this write up in Wired, about Stephen G. Bucher’s Dailymonster, which includes a blog, a Flickr group, and now a book chock full of user participation. I find this blend of collaborative media very interesting, and can totally see it being used in other areas, especially education. Even though it combines print, it totally reminds me of an excellent “cross-platform” story telling presentation from Tejpaul Bhatia of Tej Media.

It’s a blot, it’s a blog, and now it’s a book. When Stefan G. Bucher transformed random inkblots into bug-eyed freaks and posted a new creation each day at, visitors to the site began hallucinating — er, imagining — backstories for his drawings.

daily monster

Shine On You Crazy iPhone * iPhone Band

February 26, 2008

This iPhone band video brings electronica to a whole new level, which should make Brian Eno proud. Touch screen + mobile devices are obvious creative extensions for learning, art and music.

Just as the synthesizer did not push “real” instruments out of the picture, “iBand” instruments will find their place and compliment the scene, whether performing on stage. or mixing in an airport. Of course, I am sure neo-Kraftwerk artists like Danger and Daft Punk will have fun with the novelty for a little while.

10 Principles of Design * Plus the Diigo Hive

February 14, 2008

Check out this Smash Magazine article on 10 Principles of Effective Web Design, which can really be applied to all aspects of design and especially eLearning. Here a few that I want to call out.

Highlights and thoughts

4. Strive for feature exposure  – A colleague and I always (Jimmy B.)  go back to conversation around the best ways of building form around function. What is your site and/or content’s objective? What do you want people to do? Is it obvious?

6. Strive for simplicity – Less is more” right, but do we actually apply it to our content? I would like to tie this back to principle #4. For the most part, every design element and object should align with the function. As mobile “just in time” content continues to become king, users only want what they need. Anything else is an obstacle or distraction.

 Hey, is that Diigo?

So I just signed up for Diigo, a new way to annotate, highlight and bookmark any content on the web, (thanks Ed Tech), and while reading the article above, I started noticing the presence of Diigo notes with relevant and interesting perspectives. I am really excited about these types of tools and how they foster the “hive” collective intelligence that new web tools enable.

Express your inner bad photographer * Deleted Images

December 11, 2007

Thx to Epic-Fu, one of my favorite sources, for this one… – Where you can upload and share images that you would otherwise delete. I have to say I love this concept.

I share the same obscure photographic behavior of my grandfather, who would go to picnics and only take pictures of (up close) flower pedals and wood textures, instead of the ole’ fake smile family shots. Half photographer / half scientist, he was more interested in finding truth in the small and abstract details.

It is amazing what you can find when you lose the big picture and focus on things that you might otherwise overlook. People are loving because it gives them a platform and permission to do so. Whether it be slightly blurred, accidentally cropped, or over/under-exposed, these images all have stories behind them. Don’t get me wrong, I totally see value in planned composition, and at the same time all things in life naturally have color, line and form, so an unplanned photo opens our eyes to an unintended perspective on the situation, which can be exactly what is needed sometimes.

<< For example, artists have been doing this for years. Check out the album cover for Washing Machine, Sonic Youth

Thanks * 911 Media Arts Center

November 5, 2007

I want to give a shout out to Seattle’s excellent 911 Media Arts Center, “a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting independent digital media artists in the creation and exhibition of their work.” As part of their mission, they provide “education, training and the dissemination of knowledge” through classes, workshops and web resources. Plus as an extra bonus, they are smack dab in the middle of the Seattle’s up and coming South Lake Union, which makes for a beautiful walk if you work downtown.

I am preparing for a business video shoot in Portland tomorrow, and they are hooking me up with extra audio goodies (mics, mixer). Special thanks to Jon Schwartz and Steve Vroom for their help. If you are like me and video is continually becoming a popular element in your training or other needs, resources like 911 Media are great places for knowledge transfer, as well as affordable, quality equipment to rent, which can be too expensive to buy.

Who Needs a Record Label…Trent Reznor & Saul Williams

November 2, 2007

This is very cool to see. Radiohead throws in an experimental DRM and record label free delivery and artists like Trent Reznor & Saul Williams are building on this game changing concept, which will ripple and eventually cause waves in the music industry. How / will record labels become SMART and adapt their business paradigm? This applies to all industries, OPEN up or CLOSE down.

The time has come! Pre-order emails for Saul Williams’ THE INEVITABLE RISE AND LIBERATION OF NIGGYTARDUST, produced by Trent Reznor, have been distributed. The album is available for free at 192kbps bitrate or 320kps/lossless if you put forward some cash. Please support this artist and label/DRM-free distribution!

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