Common Craft * Electing a US President in Plain English

July 31, 2008

As always, Common Craft develop excellent video eLearning content. Keep them coming craft!!! Check out their “short guide to understanding the basics of the US election process”. Please Digg it if you have the time.

Knol * A unit of knowledge

July 29, 2008

Has anyone out there started using Google’s Knol yet? If so, what do you think? If not, why not?

Just browsing, I DID find eLearning, iPhone, Adobe Captivate and did NOT find mLearning or immersive learning…what’s up with that people?

Unlike Wikipedia, Knol puts a stronger emphasis on authorship and even encourages users to start different ‘knols’ for the same subject. Google is also serving up AdSense advertising on the site, whereas Wikipedia stays away from any advertising on its site. – RWW

Rapid Video! * DevLearn 08 Contest

July 28, 2008

Video is an excellent way to quickly storyboard and put ideas together, as well as your final deliverable. A few peers and I put together a (rapid) video submission for the eLearning Guild DevLearn 08 video contest, which had to be under two minutes and teach something. We shot it ten mins, with 40 mins or so of edit time in Adobe Premiere. It covers the basics of finger counting and was fun to do. Check it out (below).