10 Principles of Design * Plus the Diigo Hive

Check out this Smash Magazine article on 10 Principles of Effective Web Design, which can really be applied to all aspects of design and especially eLearning. Here a few that I want to call out.

Highlights and thoughts

4. Strive for feature exposure  – A colleague and I always (Jimmy B.)  go back to conversation around the best ways of building form around function. What is your site and/or content’s objective? What do you want people to do? Is it obvious?

6. Strive for simplicity – Less is more” right, but do we actually apply it to our content? I would like to tie this back to principle #4. For the most part, every design element and object should align with the function. As mobile “just in time” content continues to become king, users only want what they need. Anything else is an obstacle or distraction.

 Hey, is that Diigo?

So I just signed up for Diigo, a new way to annotate, highlight and bookmark any content on the web, (thanks Ed Tech), and while reading the article above, I started noticing the presence of Diigo notes with relevant and interesting perspectives. I am really excited about these types of tools and how they foster the “hive” collective intelligence that new web tools enable.

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