Another Lunch 2.0 * Zumobi

January 21, 2008

Thanks to Josh Maher for another exciting Seattle Lunch 2.0., which kicked things off with Buzz Bruggeman and a thought provoking presentation on getting seconds back in your life by using ActiveWords.

The host, with prime office space on Pike Street, Zumobi informally shared the good news, bad news and more good news about their launch. It sounds like things are really getting started for them (globally), so keep your eyes on them. They are here to give mobile users a “unique, lush and engaging” way of accessing content and their user interface is based on many years of Human-Computer Interaction research, which is device neutral and open for developers. Good (smart) move.

I am continually excited about how light-weight, easy to use and motivating mobile access will help everyone collaborate more effectively, as well as offer just-in-time information…performance support anyone? We have been chained to our workstations or to either clunky laptops, or clunky interfaces for too long. If any developers out there are interested in using Zumobi to collaborate on a ‘thin’ learning management application, feel free to comment.