Learning management made fun! * Edu2.0

Have you seen Edu2.0, which calls itself ‘next generation education’? If not you should seriously check it out. It gets five stars from this guy and here is a summary w/top five big wins.

Free web-based education site with comprehensive features for teachers, students and parents. Anyone can teach and/or learn using the system, whether it’s at school, at home, or on the move.

It’s mission is to “make teaching and learning more efficient and enjoyable”, which is refreshing for learning professionals, who have been struggling with clunky purchased or home grown LMSs or lack there of.

1. Facebook-like dashboard – Your Home ‘Welcome’ space gives you a quick snapshot of how many classes you created, and/registered in, messages, contributions and even friends. Talk about ease of use for teachers, administrators and students. This is one of the reasons that people are really getting into Facebook. This type of high level connection helps us easily manage all the people we know, things we’ve done and things yet to do.


2. Web-hosted & Easy to Use – Besides being FREE, which is a BIG, BIG plus, it is web-hosted, so I can take this LMS anywhere with an internet connection, whether workstation or portable device, office or coffee shop. This is the exact reason I started using Google Docs, so I am not tied down to a location and my information can be with me at all times, when I need it. No need to install anything, just create an account and go. It is also extremely user friendly, and is similar to the WordPress model, which makes creating and organizing content simple and fun, which can 100% motivate you.

3. Private or Public, you decide – It has growing repository of free (open) content, which would make Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams proud. As more and more organizations are opening up to leverage external resources, open content is key. At the same time, if you want to keep your (proprietary) content private, you can easily choose to do so, and not risk putting a wall around your learners because they still can access all the other open content along side.

4. Useful Tools – It includes everything you need for your virtual learning environment at your fingertips including wikis, forums, feeds and gradebooks. Besides helping instructors stay on top, it helps learners stay connected and facilitates. participation.

edu 20 tools

5. Excellent design – With a pastel color palette, simple icons and round tabs and buttons, it makes navigation quick and fun. Instead of being in a rigid, clunky ‘system’, it feels like you are in a virtual IKEA office, which certainly makes for a comfortable learning environment.

5 Responses to Learning management made fun! * Edu2.0

  1. I am also very impressed with Edu2.0. They seem to be doing all the right things in this space which is going to get more crowded as we head into 2008. If I was betting man, I’d throw some coin towards Edu2.0 as one that lasts or gets bought by one of the big LMS companies still trying to “get it”.

  2. PDonaghy says:

    Hi Mark
    Had a quick look at Edu2.0 recently and am quite impressed. I certainly like the design and layout. But, there seems to be so many ‘communities’ and similar sites out there now. I find the problem is trying to decide on which one to concentrate on, because there is certainly not enough time to participate in all of them!

  3. Allen says:

    Edu2.0 is a great service. Have you checked out haiku LMS, another LMS 2.0 product? I’d love to hear how you think the two compare…

  4. Christopher says:

    What Edu2.0 says sounds like what RCampus has been doing long before Edu2.0. It’s interesting that it calls itself “the future of education”. I guess it’s all about marketing. I like the website though…very cute.

  5. Nathan says:

    I have just started using edu2.0 and it is impressive. Hopefully it obtains a critical mass of users so it can stay online as setting up your lessons online no matter what LMS you use does take a lot of work and the last thing I want as a teacher is for the sight to be sold or no longer available.

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