Express your inner bad photographer * Deleted Images

Thx to Epic-Fu, one of my favorite sources, for this one… – Where you can upload and share images that you would otherwise delete. I have to say I love this concept.

I share the same obscure photographic behavior of my grandfather, who would go to picnics and only take pictures of (up close) flower pedals and wood textures, instead of the ole’ fake smile family shots. Half photographer / half scientist, he was more interested in finding truth in the small and abstract details.

It is amazing what you can find when you lose the big picture and focus on things that you might otherwise overlook. People are loving because it gives them a platform and permission to do so. Whether it be slightly blurred, accidentally cropped, or over/under-exposed, these images all have stories behind them. Don’t get me wrong, I totally see value in planned composition, and at the same time all things in life naturally have color, line and form, so an unplanned photo opens our eyes to an unintended perspective on the situation, which can be exactly what is needed sometimes.

<< For example, artists have been doing this for years. Check out the album cover for Washing Machine, Sonic Youth

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