v-mail * Video mail with Eyejot

Wow, I just registered for an awesome video mail service called Eyejot. Thanks to Buzz Bruggeman for the reference, who I met at Seattle Lunch 2.0! I am extremely impressed with the slick user interface and ease of use. Besides for general person-to-person communication, this type of easy messaging can totally lend itself to corporate internal communications. Eyejot is really getting it right and here are a few highlights.

Embedded instructions – I love the built in text fields instructions in the registration form. It just makes sense, right. Instead of hiding text entry idiosyncrasies of a system from user and expecting training to take care of it (i.e. “don’t enter it this way…enter it this way…), Eyejot takes the high road and embeds it into their user interface, which includes ‘green check marks = good / red captions = bad.’

eyejob register

Snapshot of user registration.

Less is more – With a very clean and streamlined design, it makes composing, sending and receiving video messages simple and fun. With the of absence distracting visual elements and plenty of white space, it allows you to focus on the video message.

eyejot inbox

Snapshot of Inbox

eyejot message

Snapshot of Message Viewer

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