Seattle Lunch 2.0 * CarDomain

I attended the latest Seattle Lunch 2.0 hosted by CarDomain. It was my first one, so I didn’t know what to expect. The discussion was engaging, the lunch (Indian food) was yummy and the view of Lake Union was awesome. Thanks to Josh Maher Mayer for putting this together.

Rajan Krishnamurty, the CEO, gave an excellent overview of the company, which has evolved into like a social network for car lovers and gear heads. Users can upload videos and pictures of car-related stuff and connect with like minded people. Brier Dudley, from the Seattle Times was also there, although I was not sure if he was there to present, or just help facilitate the discussion with Rajan.

A major take away for me was that CarDomain and their advertisers are focusing more on the “prosumer” and web banner ads are gradually taking a back seat to user participatory (content-blended) advertising (i.e. the Scion xD Community Project Car). Rajan described how the company has embraced web 2.0 technologies and is continually integrating them with their current infrastructure. Although, Dan “I can’t remember his last name” from CarDomain chimed in a few times to say that results from a wiki pilot showed that their audience wasn’t really into wiki collaboration…as in “I don’t want people editing my stuff…” He said that this reminded him yet again of not “starting first with a technology in mind” and instead letting the business need drive the solution, which are words to live by.

4 Responses to Seattle Lunch 2.0 * CarDomain

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  2. joshmaher says:

    I’m glad that you were able to make it! Are you going to attend the Adobe lunch next week as well? Make sure you introduce yourself!!

    Also… any chance you could spell the last name with an “h” ?


  3. badsquare says:

    I am on the attending list and will mos def make it a point to introduce myself. Sorry about the “y”.

  4. danmarx says:

    It was great to have everyone out to CarDomain! We had a good time sharing our perspectives and answering questions. You’ll see us at some of the upcoming lunches..


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