Man With a Camera *

Have you seen San Francisco’s Stanley Roberts, man with a camera, which can be seen on the KRON 4, and YouTube? This seemingly low-fi production, with concise editing quickly captures your interest and a tongue and cheek voice over hits serious points home. Beside having awesome direction and flow, it is also a great example of delivering your content via multiple channels. This form of video journalism will likely pick up momentum as media distribution continues to decentralize.

Stanley patrols the streets of the Bay Area looking for people who brazenly defy the law or common courtesy. His “People Behaving Badly” camera catches people double parking, failing to stop at signals, refusing to yield for pedestrians and much more.

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2 Responses to Man With a Camera *

  1. Richard Nu says:

    I love the show and watch KRON just for that reason…..

  2. cajuncooker says:

    yeah that`s indeed very cool. A great ability is to life-stream from a cell phone is very cool.
    I was sitting in a train the other day and I was so bored so I thought: HEy ! creat a chanel, name it “journey” and lifestream some pics. Suddenly replies were comming in, something I love too. The rest of the journey wasn`t boring at all, lot of chatting and talking.

    Thanks to kyte 😉


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