Mobile Content * Old Hat New Hat

With the iPhone buzz, rippling into business as usual mode, what I am stoked about is the idea of rich mobile connection. It just makes sense to have in-flight access to the world. Why be chained to a clunky monitor, flat or otherwise.

With the convergence of social (web 2.0) media and Apple’s lead on accessible mobile devices, we can live life, and stay connected with old and new important things in our lives. Maybe the MIT $100 laptop for every child, should actually be in the form of a mobile device. As speech recognition and touch screen technology evolves, we can finally get ride of the keyboard + mouse hardware band aids and stop hurting our posture unnecessarily.

What I am equally excited about is how mobile devices will continue to shape the design of content. With the optimization of sound, movement, size, color and emphasis, as always old ideas will be taking shape in new form. What we can expect is stunning and concise visual information.


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