Convergence of the Jedi * Gnarls Barkley, Star Wars and Sesame Street

Have you seen the Gnarls Barkley (stellar) performance of “Crazy” on Mtv awards, with the band decked out in Star Wars gear, which included Chewbacca on the drums. It made me reflect on Henry Jenkins‘ book, Convergence Culture, which included the phenomena of George Lucas and the fandome embrace of the Star Wars mythology.

“The widespread circulation of Star Wars-related commodities has placed resources into the hands of a generation of emerging filmmakers in their teens…and now they are determined to remake it on their own terms.

The mass marketing of Star Wars inadvertently provided many of the resources needed to support these productions. Star Wars is, in many ways, the prime example of media convergence at work. Lucas’s decision to defer salary for the first Star Wars film in favor of maintaining a share of ancillary profits has been widely cited as a turning point in the emergence of this new strategy of media production and distribution.” – Jenkins, Henry. Convergence Culture: New York University, 2006.

The video (see below) also inspired me to create my own version (see below), which includes a sock puppet, Star Wars figures and Sesame Street characters. I am not sure why I chose Sesame Street…probably because my son is currently really into Elmo. I used my wife’s sock and it only took me one take to capture the lead character…very professional I thought. Also, please look out for the cameo appearance of the Yoda Pez dispenser. See both below and enjoy!

Gnarls Barkley – Crazy (Star Wars style)

Mark Chrisman channeling Socco the Sock Puppet

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