The Flaming Lips * Telepathic Surgery

/// I want to give a shout out to a musical inspiration.

Why should we care about The Flaming Lips?

The Flaming LipsWeird and Hardworking

They are one of the hardest (weirdest) working bands in show business. These boys have been at this biz since the early eighties and have come along way from their working class upbringing in Oklahoma City to continuously deliver psychedelic rock music, which has been known to be quite groovy at times.

High Concept w/Lo-fi Spirit and Multimedia

They combine high concept with low-fi spirit and put on killer multimedia shows, which have been know to include puppets, fake big hands, balloons, video projections, and audience participation. They are a cultural extension of what the Beach Boys, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd and others have initiated. Roger (Syd) Barrett would have been proud. If you don’t believe me check out the Fearless Freaks documentary.

Their musical adventures have included releasing a four-part disc album that required listening to each disc at the same time in four different CD players – Zaireeka, the album check it out. I saw them pull this gig off at the Black Cat in DC and it was spectacular.

Not ashamed of success

After making sounds since the early eighties and being introduced to MTV in the early nineties, they appeared on the hit TV series Beverly Hills 90210, as well as a recent on the TV series Charmed. Being familiar with Wayne C’s humor, I think it is just all part of the act. Either way, they continue to be as weird and accessible as they want all the way the bank.

Good show Wayne!!! Keep the strange sounds with profound lyrics coming.

One Response to The Flaming Lips * Telepathic Surgery

  1. Julee says:

    i like flaming lips, esp Fight Tes. Although the intro is a tad annoying, eventually i get the hang of it 😛

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