Digital Aristotle * Semantic Web = Smarter Web

“What we’re trying to do with the Semantic Web is build a digital Aristotle.” – Mark Greaves, former IEO of DARPA, now Sr. Research Program Manager of Vulcan – taken from A Smarter Web, Technology Review March/April 2007

I was reading a Technology Review article on Web 3.0, which discusses the evolution of [web] applications to utilize semantic web technologies to enable “…software to process information more intelligently.”

This inevitable form of [web] intelligence is a logical step toward [global] system integration and I wanted to flag this article as a must read. As the article suggests, we will likely see a gradual adoption, so small steps to come.

Here is a scenario from the article-
“Say you’d had some lingering back pain: a program might determine a specialist’s availability, check an insurance site’s database for in-plan status, consult your calendar, and schedule an appointment. Another program might look up restaurant reviews, check a map database, cross-reference open table times with your calendar, and make a dinner reservation.”

Here is a scenario (I made up) that applies to eLearning-
Let’s say a new hire sits down at their computer on day one. A program has already determined by their job, role and/or competencies, what mandatory and recommended training is needed. The program has already cross-referenced the employee’s calendar and sent (via email) invitations with instructions on how to access their training. As new mandatory or recommended courses roll out, invitations are automatically sent to employees.

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