Biz Markie * Just a friend in the airport

June 24, 2007

News flash, my bro – Justin Mass (of D.C.) ran into none other than rap icon Biz Markie in the airport. Apparently they ate pizza together and had a chat. Maybe Biz Markie unloaded some old school wisdom on Justin. Question…is it purely coincidence that they are both wearing primary colors…I think not.

Justin and Biz

Quantum physics * Video Science Superhero

June 14, 2007

I stumbled upon (on digg) this polished and engaging video lesson on quantum physics, given by an avatar professor in a super hero costume. It incorporates motion, graphics, audio effects, with no screen text or bullet points…just a supporting visual narrative with well crafted audio. Check it out.

Surface * Real Interface

June 13, 2007

451Is Surface the type of interface that Ray Bradbury’s Mildred Montag would get sucked into?

Personally I am totally stoked. Working in Captivate, Flash, Photoshop and other programs every day, this type of interface will bridge the gap between the ideas and product.

Getting away from the mouse and the left-click-right-click-double-click dance, we can incorporate a more streamlined and graceful connection with applications.

What was your fav cartoon? * Here’s mine…

June 8, 2007

With Tranformers the movie ready to be unleashed on planet earth, here is my top 5 list of other animated series worthy of live action movies.

G.I. Joe1. G.I. Joe – I use to live for this 80’s animated series. How cool would it be to see Duke, Snake Eyes, Destro, Cobra Commander and others on the big screen. Regardless of your political views, the series, with dynamic characters and interesting, yet familiar plots, still has something to offer the modern world.

2. Voltron (Lions) – This would totally be a winner movie. With commander Keith and the crew fighting galactic evil. They could totally use the plot of how Princess Allura replaces Sven as the pilot of the Blue Lion. That would be a tragic story, with an inspiring ending.
silverhawks 3. Silverhawks – What more can you ask for partly metal, partly real heroes fighting an alien mobster. I mean come on Col. Blue grass plays a sonic guitar, how cool is that. The visuals in this move would be killer.

4. Thundercats – This series incorporated a mixture of sci-fi, fantasy, technology andthundercats magic. Lion-O and others flee their dying planet, Thundera, to find salvation in a new planet, Third Earth, to continue to their mission of upholding Justice, Truth, Honor, and Loyalty — the code of Thundera.

bedtime bear

5. Carebears – Come on, magical bears that live in clowds. What more can you ask for. My favorite was bedtime bear because all he wanted to do was sleep…how zen.