Online Art Exhibition * Jeff Wall

The Moma is featuring an online exhibition from the photographer Jeff Wall. His photographs combine excellent texture and form to capture attention-grabbing aspects of the ordinary and mundane. The web exhibition also incorporates an effective click to enlarge feature, which allows the user to ‘zoom’ in the photograph and explore, which is pretty cool.


2 Responses to Online Art Exhibition * Jeff Wall

  1. Marj Baker says:

    Hi Mark,
    I enjoy your blog. I particularly am impressed with Jeff Wall’s exhibit. I can’t imagine lugging that much stuff around. He is very dedicated. Jeff’s comments on the pictures are amazing!

    I like the MOMA’s program that allows you to zoom in and out on a picture. Do you know how to do that for a website? I would love to do that with my art and also with my other websites.

    Thought I would share a video on VOX from a friend Alex Lindsay called Maria. I have started a blog at VOX myself. Alex is at

    I think Jim said that I would e-mail you.


  2. Marj Baker says:

    Hi Mark,
    Take a look at this video. It’s amazzzing!

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