eLearning Guild2007 Annual Gathering – 4/13

A few highlights…

Brave New World
Cecily Sommers put on an amazing presentation on current and future world realities. Her combination of stimulating questions and compelling examples really moved me. Essentially, we need to look within ourselves to understand where we are and where we, not want, but must be. I really dig her philosophy.

Here is a quote that really stuck-
“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.”

eLearning 3.0, or vLearning or 3DLearning
Wow, this session blew me away. A techie dentist named Ovi Ciobanu presented case examples of using 3D scanning / rendering to generate reusable 3D objects, which can be embedded in Acrobat PDF. With Ellen Wagner of Adobe as a co-presenter, Ovi showed how he uses this technique to teach dentistry. Talk about effective learning and short development time. I never thought tooth fillings could look so fun.

Build Your Own Webinar
Matt Lisle from Peacehealth put on amazing presentation on utilizing totally FREE tools to build a full functioning webinar. Widgets included a slide show presenter, polls, video, VOIP, chat and share files. Even though it was the last session, on the last day of the conference, people were totally into Matt’s session. In fact folks wanted to stay afterwards to discuss more. Nice job Matt!

The conference was so much fun and I look forward to keeping in touch with all the new people I met.

One Response to eLearning Guild2007 Annual Gathering – 4/13

  1. Matt says:

    Hey mark! Thanks for posting about the session.

    For those reading this… Mark’s session was solid too. He drew a connection between film/photography/graphic design principles and informal learning design principles. It was good stuff.

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