eLearning Guild2007 Annual Gathering – 4/12

A few highlights…

With a good night’s sleep, a fresh cup of hotel coffee, and a few paper cuts from the night before from sorting photo images for one of my presentation exercises, I grabbed a muffin and sat down for another keynote speaker.

Change Management
Peter de Jager presented an enlightening and eye opening presentation on Change Management. He opted to not stand on the stage or use any presentation slides. With a strongly projected voice, and a single-page handout he proceeded to go through misconceptions and obvious truths of change management. Essentially, the first step is understanding that denial and resistance is expected and okay and the collective group must WANT to adopt the change (e.g. a bottom-up approach). With rapid technology change and slower process change, it was refreshing to absorb his perspective.

Stump the Captivate Experts
This was an amazing session. You had two Captivate experts, one Captivate software engineer and 30 eager captivated super users, full of questions, feature requests, troubleshooting issues and brainstorming topics all in one room. Synergy was the word. We covered things like incorporating JavaScript, using custom captions, optimizing file size and much, much more. Everyone was enthused and the experts were such great fun. I plan on inviting them to speak at future Captivate User Group sessions.

grid***Thanks to the folks who attended my session on incorporating best practices of art, photography and film to informal learning. It was cool discussing different grid and storyboard approaches during the exercises and I really appreciated the discussion during and after the presentation. It was a lot of fun. A special thanks to Silke for checking it out as well!!!


I also had the pleasure of attending a beer tasting with such great minds as Jay Cross, Tony Karrer, Silke Fleischer, Mark Oehlert, Brent Schlenker, Stephen Downes, Judy Brown, Clive Shepherd, Lance Dublin, Tom Crawford, Mark Prasatik and more.

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